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Halo Anticheat is a client side program for Halo PC designed to detect various game modifications and third party applications.

Additionally, the program also tracks your game statistics and makes them publically available on our statistics page.

Currently the program only supports Windows systems on version 1.08 of Halo PC. To download HAC, please select 'Downloads' on the right.


Project features

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Halo Anticheat aims to detect as many game modifications and third party applications as possible. Rather than targetting individual programs, HAC is programmed to detect methods that are used by these programs. This provides a much more reliable result and allows for blanket detection of all the applications, rather than only those that are publically released.

Future Roadmap

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We're currently working on a screenshot anti cheat function to strengthen visual modification detection by having HAC automatically generate a gallery for every game that's played with snapshots taken at key game moments. We're testing the feature to ensure that no users will experience any decrease in performance during their game.


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