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Temp usage notes:
1) Please ensure that the .exe file is located in your Halo folder. If it's not, Halo will fail to launch correctly. This is expected to be corrected in a future release.

1) The Microsoft .net framework 2.0 is required to run HAC. If you have any issues with launching it, please install it from Microsoft's website, here.

2) If you can't get to the login screen, please ensure that your game does not contain modified game files. If HAC passes verification, but closes suddenly, it means your Halo .exe has likely been modified. HAC will only work with the official 1.08 Halo.exe. A notice has been added in future versions of HAC.

3) If you're having problems with HAC locating the Halo folder on Windows Vista, please ensure that the registry location for Halo is set correctly. This problem is often found on 64 bit versions of Vista.
Registry guide
Start > Run > Enter 'regedit' > Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Expand Software > Expand Microsoft > Expand Microsoft Games > Expand Halo > Ensure that "EXE Path" contains the correct directory for your Halo installation (including any x86 in Program Files). Fix expected in future releases.

1)Ensure that mirror is set to the default option of 'none' for the HAC beta.

2) If you cannot connect, and do not get a username/password error, then please ensure that HAC has been granted access to the Internet (requires up/down permissions).

Detection issues:
1) Please note that the detection in the HAC beta is not finalised, but will be updated in the latest release, set for the 14th.

HAC and Xfire/shortcut parameters:
1) You can set HAC to launch Halo with your normal game switches by simply adding them to the HAC.exe shortcut as you would with your Halo shortcut. For example, "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop\Halo\hac.exe" -console -novideo -screenshot -exec mouse.cfg -use20.

2) To set HAC to launch automatically when you join a game through Xfire, go to your Xfire folder and open xfire_games.ini. Search for Halo.exe and replace it with the name of your anticheat exe file. Xfire will now launch HAC which will in turn join the correct game with your normal Halo settings. For extra convenience, you may save your password and allow HAC to auto login.